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Taurus 2020 Overview


Taurus | Inside Out - February 2020


Taurus, you're under pressure to gain some income and/or your freedom. You'll need plenty of patience to examine old habits and work out the details.


Taurus | Inner Goddess - March 2020


Taurus, a challenging situation demands review. Why settle for BS? It's time to get bullish about security and self-worth. You're only in it for the long-term investment.

Taurus | Life, Love & Money - April 2020

Taurus, you're struggling to make a decision or solve a dilemma as a consequence of a karmic situation. How do you feel? Your intuition will guide you to uncover secrets, lies, and all disguise.


Taurus | The Heart of the Matter - May 2020


Taurus, you'll need to figure out whether an alliance is sacred or sadistic. Once you make the decision to exit fairyland, you'll begin to see matters more clearly as to how to bring closure and change that is long overdue.


Taurus | Third Time Lucky - June 2020


Taurus, a rebirth arrives through partnership or crossroad decisions. You'll first have to surrender to a profound ending as you sort through the psychological debris to release an aspect of your life that has served its final purpose. The process is being guided through a deep connection to your past or past lives.


Taurus | Sun, Moon & Stars - July 2020


Taurus, are you really all that surprised by this person's judgment? You've stopped running after illusions. You now recognize that opportunity comes through listening to your own intuition about how to move in a new direction.



Taurus | A Date to Remember - August 2020


Taurus, Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "The inmost in due time becomes the outmost." Only you know when it's time to spread your wings and emerge from the safety of your cocoon. But the Universe will grant you the gift of perception as subtle synchronicities support your soul to leave an old space to find the sweetest nectar.



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