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I知 a Taurus with the Sun and Mercury sitting cazimi in the fifth house (equal house system) of love and romance smack on top of the most feared or revered (depending on your choice of reference) star in the entire Universe, Algol (think intense and immense female sexual passion and power)! Neptune sits at the Scorpio mid-heaven receiving a psychic trine from my Pisces Moon while making a supernatural sextile to Pluto in the healing sign of Virgo. Impressed?

I壇 like to think I知 using these natural-born credentials to push human consciousness forward one tarot card at a time. The truth is, I can稚 heal you, or make your problems go away, or give you all the answers. (I mean, c知on, I知 good but there are only 78 cards!) But I give it my best through an obsessive devotion to astrology and tarot and a quest for the truth. The results from this labor of love are free YouTube videos, an ongoing selection of Vimeo videos about love and wellbeing, and a growing private clientele. While I知 great at prediction, I知 focused more on provocation--of thought, and the stimulus required for meeting your highest self. What I知 especially good at, is accurately pulling back the curtain on all the dirty glory so that you can make better decisions, find some peace and heal yourself. Sound intriguing? Then let's create a love revolution together!

Your support allows me to research, study, indulge my curiosity, create beautiful tarot decks, maintain my sense of humor and focus on making tarot videos about life and love issues that are meaningful to you. But most importantly, it allows me to tweak my talents and develop the skills that help you find
your greatness, because I know deep inside that痴 how I値l find mine.




The Love-Print Project

I'm committed to leaving a love-print by giving back to the world at large and to those in need. If you'd like to join me in this worthy cause, please consider visiting The Love Print Project page to think about making a donation.