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Scorpio 2020 Overview


Scorpio | Inside Out - February 2020


Scorpio, you're dissatisfied about a negative situation that may involve a missed opportunity. What are the options?


Scorpio | Inner Goddess - March 2020


Scorpio, you're having to review a decision where there was little thought of the consequence. Now communication is a problem. Can you revive a situation after a mistake?

Scorpio | Life, Love & Money - April 2020

Scorpio, your critical thinking skills need to be sharp and on point. Your inner compass will either guide you on how to go the distance or set you on a path where you're lost, distant, and far away from the intended destination.


Scorpio | The Heart of the Matter - May 2020


Scorpio, there's confusion about whether to rush or take matters slowly. An emotional development requires the examination of harmony, fairness, or balance. This could play out in a partnership, courtroom, classroom, or any collaboration that demands an equal exchange.


Scorpio | Third Time Lucky - June 2020


Scorpio, patience with trying to find answers or solutions is running thin and triggering ego. Do traditional values or conservative views provide the pillar of conventional wisdom or stifle the progress of original thought? There's an expectation to follow the rules, but has the game changed?


Scorpio | Sun, Moon & Stars - July 2020


Scorpio, you face a crossroad decision about partnerships. Gaining clarity is vital in finding out where you stand in a situation. There's opportunity for beneficial change, but only if you're interested in nothing less than a win-win for all involved.



Scorpio | A Date to Remember - August 2020


Scorpio, we don't always receive second chances. It's time to offer yourself another one. A change of season arrives when you're willing to face the shadow and walk out of the darkness. You must endure the harsh winter to return to the spring of life. As you surrender yourself to an inevitable metaphoric death, so again shall you rise to greet your glory. Relinquish all that does not serve you and delight in the warmth of the sun.



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