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Pisces 2020 Overview


Pisces | Inside Out - February 2020


After a history of restriction, delays, or obstacles, it's time to take charge of a circumstance that involves responsibility. What's the long term investment in an unhealthy situation?


Pisces | Inner Goddess - March 2020


Pisces, what's your assessment of a situation? It'll need to be incredibly accurate for you to determine the next course of action. What does your intuition tell you? 

Pisces | Life, Love & Money - April 2020

Pisces, is the glass half-empty or half-full? It's all about perspective and faith in a situation. Isn't faith what your sign is all about?


Pisces | The Heart of the Matter - May 2020


Pisces, a negative influence could be working against you in secret. A lack of support in an abusive environment requires you to come up with a secret strategy of your own. Should you take a risk to get help or does help come with a risk?


Pisces | Third Time Lucky - June 2020


Pisces, keep calm and carry on. Slow and steady wins the race. The message here is to master your emotions and learn from the past. You can either rally the troops around you or incite a riotous rebellion against you. In spite of unsettling circumstances, your strong intuition will give you the guidance that grants an advantage. Listen to it closely for clear perspective.


Pisces | Sun, Moon & Stars - July 2020


Pisces, has the world gone completely mad? While it's easy to feel overwhelmed, this time period will grant you closure. Your knowledge, awareness, wisdom, or experience may help to heal a situation as part of the process.



Pisces | A Date to Remember - August 2020


Pisces, quantum physics tells us that reality does not exist until it is observed. The observed and the observer are one. Perhaps the answer now lies in your perspective and how you choose to look at a circumstance. If science is correct, then the world that's presenting is the one that you see, and if you'd like to view matters through a pair of rose-tinted Chevallier specs, well, then that's your prerogative. You have the power to make miracles manifest with your mind. Raise your sights high.



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