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Aquarius 2020 Overview


Aquarius | Inside Out - February 2020


Aquarius, are you satisfied with the choice you made or can you compromise? You're at a crossroad to make the decision about what you've wished for. Do you still want it?


Aquarius | Inner Goddess - March 2020


Aquarius, it's time for a time out to consider the history of your alliances. Are you truly on the same team? This won't be an easy ride, but the goal is victory and the journey starts with the truth.

Aquarius | Life, Love & Money - April 2020

Aquarius, you can run, but you can't hide. There are truths that need to see the light of day regarding a long-term relationship or situation. Getting from point A to B will require pulling off the rose-colored glasses.


Aquarius | The Heart of the Matter - May 2020


Aquarius, you're not sure where to draw the line between fact and fiction. A crossroads situation demands that you sort it out to transcend limitation and follow a calling. But what exactly is calling you? This judgment call will mean either facing negative karma or rising to your higher self.


Aquarius | Third Time Lucky - June 2020


Aquarius, there's an emotional decision to be made in support of harmony, balance, and fairness. Secret revelations and anything repressed now comes to light as you give birth to a new being. If you can get past the past, you'll find joyous expression in life and/or doing what you love.


Aquarius | Sun, Moon & Stars - July 2020


Aquarius, you've been waiting and waiting and waiting to bring something to an end. Very soon, you'll take a new approach that allows you to take charge and move on from a situation where you felt stuck. It helps when you can accurately discern between a necessary sacrifice and a lost cause.



Aquarius | A Date to Remember - August 2020


Aquarius, the broken heart you've been nursing is set to heal. As you gather the pieces, you're learning the ancient art of "kintsugi" where fractured pieces of pottery are put back together with gold. When you accept yourself in all of your beautiful imperfection your confidence will return. This effort at growth will be rewarded with a golden opportunity that is just on the horizon. It'll offer the chance to fulfill your desires and manifest your dreams.



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