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Before Your Astrology Consultation

Must be 21 years of age or older. After booking your appointment, an email will be sent to you requesting your recorded birth time, birth date, precise geographical location of birth, and relocation (where you are currently living).  Please do not adjust the birth time (daylight, etc.). Birth time must be accurate for accurate reading. Rectification services for birth time are not offered. Please read FAQS before purchase.

Readings are detailed and comprehensive and therefore do not include a personal consultation.




It's all about you!



Natal Birth Chart

Your birth chart is a blueprint for the plan of your life, but you are the architect. Your personal life map answers to the all important question of why you are here and where you are headed. This comprehensive, in-depth report reveals your strengths and weaknesses giving you powerful Insight that allows you to convert negative tendencies into positive assets. Discover where to find your hidden treasure of opportunity. Uncover the motivations, desires and will of purpose for your soul's mission to make the greatest contribution. $300



Now and later...



Transits and Progressions

(2 years) - Your life is impacted by the movement of planetary transits and the deep levels of your unconscious that finds expression through progressions. Experience the cosmos as it works with and through you to reveal your inner motivations and uncompromising determination in the life direction. $230



Many happy returns!



Solar Return

This chart is calculated for the sun's annual return to the natal position. Each solar return is the year's directive where new areas of advancement will be attempted in support of the larger life mission indicated by the natal chart. Prepare for the possible events that may manifest in order for the development of spiritual, emotional and material growth. $230


Ask for the moon




The Illuminati (Lunar Return)

There is no secret society involved but you will definitely know the plot and who is pulling the strings behind the scene. This report is calculated for the monthly return of the moon to its birth chart position and forecasts the keynote of practical concerns that are personal to you. Additionally, it offers the psychological and emotional profile that will color your daily affairs during the lunar cycle (28 days). Prepare for the energy of the moon's orbit with the anticipation of the "hot zone," a period of peak performance when significant events are most likely to occur! (Specific dates included). $45


The whole truth and nothing but...



Bing Bang Solar Package

This stellar package offers you the Solar Return as well as longer, more extensive Lunar Reports that provide additional information on who, what, where, how and when not included in the standard illuminati report. (Choose a report package for the entire year or specific time frames you are interested in based on the information in your Solar Return.)


Solar Return PLUS additional Lunar Returns:  (3)$349   (6)$479   (13)$800


Where in the world?




This report explores the potential energies available for any particular location in the world through a technique called astro-mapping by overlaying your birth chart on a map of the world. By interpreting the planetary energies, an astrological map is provided that tells the best place for job promotion, finding a lover, going on holiday, or living a more fulfilled life. You may request 3 locations of your choice. $30




What's love got to do with it?


Synastry Chart

This report examines two separate charts and the approach to relating taken by the parties involved. Analysis determines behavioral patterns, interaction dynamics and assessment of the likely longevity of the relationship. Emphasis is placed on how the needs and desires can be met through the relationship both jointly and as individuals. Comparisons can be made for any type of relationship, romantic and otherwise. $230


It's all in the mix


Composite Chart

This report takes into account the analysis of two separate charts and synthesizes them into one to determine the course and dynamics of the relationship as an entity itself. $150



Using the law of attraction


Venus Return

Discover the planetary trends in place at the return of Venus to the natal position that will allow you to experience happiness and self worth through social activities, romantic potential, possible monetary gain and pleasurable pursuits. Find out where you are likely to find love and rewards during the year. $150





All systems go!


Mars Return

This chart provides a glimpse into the 2.5 year window of Mars' orbit through the natal chart that can determine areas of energy, action and ambition. Understand where, why and how you may strive to assert yourself. The chart will also prepare you for any possible sources of conflict and opposition that you or others may generate. $150



Work it, baby!


Vocation Chart

This chart explores the possibility of latent gifts and abilities you never knew you possessed. Realize your true potential that corresponds with your calling. Target the professions for which your psychological temperament and talents are best suited. $150


Disclaimer:  No reading is meant to replace the primary responsibility of the client for life decisions. Please seek the appropriate professional advice of licensed specialists when necessary. By purchasing from this site, you agree that The Alchemist Astrologer does not assume any legal or fiscal responsibility for the content of any written or recorded material, personal report or consultation. Additionally, you agree to hold harmless The Alchemist Astrologer and its assigns, from and against any and all damages, liabilities, losses, expenses, costs (including attorneys’ fees) or claims whether indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive, expressed or implied.


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