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Must be 21 years of age or older. I prefer not to read for the same issue more than once in a month for a client as situations may need time to develop. I do not predict death, disease, disasters or divorce. Additionally, I cannot advise you on matters that require licensed, professional expertise. Both Astrology and the Tarot are intended as a guide only and questions and considerations should be framed with this in mind. The best questions are those that provide information to empower you to make the best decisions for yourself and your influence on a positive and constructive outcome with less emphasis on others.


For Astrology Readings:

After booking your appointment, an email will be sent to you requesting your recorded birth time, birth date, precise geographical location of birth, and relocation (where you are currently living).  Please do not adjust the birth time (daylight, etc.). Birth time must be accurate for accurate reading. Rectification services for birth time are not offered. Readings are detailed and comprehensive and therefore do not include a personal consultation.



For Video Tarot Readings:

Specific inquiry video readings must be pre-paid in advance through the booking appointment scheduler. Please submit your single and focused love question via email to AFTER scheduling your appointment. Please be sure to identify yourself and make your question as clear, concise and specific as possible.


There is also a video library of general readings available for access,  these selections but must be paid through Vimeo for video on demand at the time of viewing.




Why would I consult an astrologer or tarot reader?

Because knowledge is power and I provide valuable personal information about and concerning you. Your life is intertwined with the majesty of the cosmos and I assist in unraveling that mystery so that you can make the most of your time here. General horoscopes are written for hundreds of thousands of others born in the same month as you, but you are so much more than just a paragraph in a monthly magazine column. I'm here to help you find out how.


Can astrology or tarot tell me what to do?

No, nor should it. These are tools that offer intuitive guidance to empower you to make decisions that are best for you. It is used to notify you of the present energy that may manifest either positively or negatively in accordance with your free will.


If you're an astrologer, why do I need to give questionnaire information before my reading?

My intuitive skills allow me to plumb the depths of information contained in a chart. This can be extremely time-consuming and it is most helpful for me to direct that focus toward your concerns as indicated by the personal information you supply.


What is the difference between a psychic reading and an astrology consultation?

A psychic reading is done by someone who possesses some form of extra sensory perception that allows them to discern information through paranormal abilities. This type of reading is open to the flow of information from the Universe and may or may not hone in on present concerns. An astrological reading uses birth data to construct a personal life map (chart) that takes into consideration the influence of planetary transits and movement.


Can I ask questions about others?

Sometimes. If you are involved with another person and seeking to understand or improve the relationship, then some charts (synastry, composite) are appropriate to assist in that effort. If you have your eye on the cute guy/girl around the corner who still doesn't know you exist, a tarot reading may give you some insight on what to reasonably expect. However, inquiries about third parties should always be made with ethical and responsible discretion.


Are there questions you won't answer?

I do not answer questions concerning death, serious medical illness, criminal activity, legal issues or financial investments. While I may be able to offer some broadly general insights (with the exception of criminal), I suggest you seek professional advisors that are specifically trained to address any urgent, life-changing or threatening issues. If I can't help you, I'd rather opt out or refer you.


How can I choose the chart report that will best address my needs?

By first understanding the limitations and focus of particular charts, you can choose the report that most clearly gives you the answers you are seeking. Some charts are obvious in their description. Other charts address the emerging trends and events that are preparing to unfold regardless of a specific concern--i.e. lunar reports. These types of charts inform you of what to expect and are not geared to tell you the answer to a particular question. Most clients would be better served by an initial reading of the natal chart as a starting point. However, it is expensive for some and may not be necessary if you are only interested in predictive work (what the future holds).


Are predictions always accurate?

No, I'm bound by the frailties and restraints of being human. I am merely a messenger with a talent for interpreting symbolism in order to divine what the Universe is trying to tell you. I put forth a lot of effort and most of the time I hit the mark. But In the off chance I don't, please don't shoot the messenger!


Will I understand my report without a phone consultation?

Most people don't care if transiting Pluto is retrograde in their natal angular tenth house while squaring their progressed Sun--they want to know what that means for them! I make a concerted effort to avoid confusing astrological language and planetary astro-babble as much as possible. Don't feel cheated if I don't include any magical or mystifying terminology. Reports are written in clear, direct layman's language with thorough, in-depth information for you to derive as much benefit as possible. If you still have questions, you may schedule a phone consultation for clarification. Please have a list of questions for me to preview so that we can make the most of your time.


How long should I wait between astrology or tarot readings?

That all depends on what your needs are and what approach you've taken. If you've asked a question of the tarot, it is generally advisable to wait another three months before asking the same question. Some astrology reports are one-time only while others are used at regular intervals to offer answers to life's ongoing drama.



What's the best way to phrase my Tarot question?

  • Please avoid asking questions that start with "will" unless you are looking for a simple yes or no answer.

  • Do not begin questions with "should" as these types of questions do not allow you to exercise your intended free will.

  • "When" questions are difficult to answer as time is a construct created by man for his own purposes. I can attempt them but offer no guarantees. Time is best dealt with by including a time frame within the question.

  • Questions that begin with "what" or "how" are strongest in an active approach that allows you to participate in events. The most powerful questions ask what you can do personally about a given situation.

  • Center your questions around one basic area of focus such as relationships, work, spirituality, well-being.



Code of Ethics: 


1. I will refuse to answer those questions which I deem can't or shouldn't be answered. (i.e. death, legal/medical advice).

2. I will practice the maintenance of strict confidentiality, except in cases where disclosure is necessary to prevent harm and/or is required by law.

3. I will demonstrate  unconditional acceptance, tolerance and love toward all clients, regardless of their standards, beliefs, attitudes or actions.

4. I will support in service my beliefs in Spirit without unduly imposing them on others.

5. If I am unable to offer benefit to a client, I will suggest other means of appropriate assistance.

6. I will recognize the power of my influence over clients and never take advantage of their vulnerability through exploitation or manipulation.

7. I will offer my services for reasonable compensation of my time and efforts.

8. I will not engage in practices which are unethical or dishonest.

9. I will continue to study and strive for growth in skill and knowledge in order that I may guide, comfort, heal, help, amuse and assist.

10. I will commit to present my vision of the future in the most positive manner that allows the client a sense of empowerment to act on his/her own behalf.


Disclaimer: Astrology and Tarot are the arts of likely potential, not necessarily the outcome. A reading or consultation should never replace the client's own final self analysis. Free will should always be exercised with sound judgment and responsible decision-making. It is ultimately the client's responsibility to consider the information presented and to then render his/her own personal conclusions. The client is solely responsible for seeking advice or resolution to any concerns for health, medical, real estate or legal issues through licensed professionals. The Alchemist Astrologer does not assume any legal responsibility for the content of any reports, communication or readings.


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